Duplicity & Open Trajectory

Debora Alanna


Carved Plaster – 18″ x 24″ x 20″
Single work in Plaster of Paris, produced in residence at the Atelier Silex in Trois Riviers, Quebec.

SunplusDuplicity and Open Trajectory 1

Duplicity 3 - 2006

Duplicity 1 - 2006Duplicity 2 - 2006 Debora Alanna - Duplicity - Atelier Silex - Trois-Rivières PQ 2006
Duplicity is the portrait of a relationship triangle. It explores the pull and pain of deceit and betrayal, unrequited love and passion.

Emotional suffering is explored with structural contours that pull and strain.Figurative abstraction presents as ovoid shapes that appear conjoined. The unsaid communication in relationships
is the main concentration of this work.

Describing blatant allure, enticement and nuances of humiliation, discomfiture, the debilitating forces of jealousy and anger, this work strives to contain the monstrously convoluted humanity that lovers endure.

Debora Alanna – Residency – Atelier Silex – Trois-Rivières 2006


Open Trajectory

by Debora Alanna

5 works in Plaster of Paris, produced in residence at the Atelier Silex in Trois Riviers, Quebec. – 2006

This sculpture has no top or bottom.

SunplusSunplus  Open Trajectory - 21 Open Trajectory - 20 Open Trajectory - 19 Open Trajectory - 18 Open Trajectory - 14 Open Trajectory - 12  Open Trajectory - 10 Open Trajectory - 8 Open Trajectory - 7 Open Trajectory - 6Open Trajectory - 5  Open Trajectory - 9

These works are the rediscovery of self through a route of curves and arcs that emotional pathways create. 5 works were necessary to describe this foray because
distinct deviations for each variant rework the idea of change. The object of the work is to describe trajectory or path, which is not a means to a destination – but the arcing and curvature of a personal journey.

Variations on a theme, this set collectively describes the void, its importance to disengage the past with an open heart for the present opportunities and adventures.Change is a slow, discomforting process that challenges our understanding while altering our paradigms.

These works prudently caress worn ideas and release a prospect for transformation.