BY Debora Alanna

I have carved various materials over the years. I especially love hand carving stone. This practice has been one I have engaged in throughout my career.

Sometimes I carve, sometimes I make other kinds of sculpture or paint – or write or make music – or take pictures…

Here’s some of my carving in various media – no particular date or media consistency (at this time). Will organise and add to this page as time permits.

Pablo's Demoiselle with Vilborg's Raven - 2015 - hand carved Texas Cream limestone

Pablo’s Demoiselle with Vilborg’s Raven – 2015 – Texas Cream limestone

Pablo and vilborg 2 - resized

Pablo and vilborg 3 - resized

Pablo and vilborg 5 - resized


Pablo and vilborg 7  - resized - detail

Pablo and vilborg 7 - rear

Pablo and vilborg  - rear 2 - web