By Debora Alanna


Client: Joe Clare – Edmonton Alberta – 2010
Materials & studio production: Durabond:



 Revisioning 2010

“The subtle essence acted on him like a charmed draught,

and caused the opaque substance of his animal being

to grow transparent,

or, at least, translucent; so that a spiritual gleam

was transmitted through it, with a clearer lustre than hitherto.”

The House of the Seven Gables, Nathaniel Hawthorn.

Revisioning is the 7 masks/faces of discovery, sagacious explanations and
penetrations into the true essence of our internal contemplation of self.

The number seven, considered a sacred numeral because of the seven phases of creation (Genesis), seven plexuses or chakras or etheric body and some versions of the Kabbalah
have seven sphiroth.

Seven possesses the quality of psychic awareness and
has the ability to question sincerity. Through humour, these comedic masks emulate
Aristotle’s Poetics: “…the comic mask is ugly and distort, but does not imply pain.”

We can don a face that emulates our joyful nature, embracing the ludicrous with a numinous experience. We can revision our thinking to encourage a magical outlook.

~ Debora Alanna