Ponder: Yin & Yang

Debora Alanna

Mary & Moses Sculpture Garden

Group show curated by Christine Clark

Ponder: Yin & Yang

This work was produced for the group show, Mary & Moses Sculpture Garden. Christine Clark curated the show, which was installed in an isolated, forested, seaside environment. Ponder – Yin & Yang was created from leaves, bamboo and a floatation device.

Philip Willey wrote  a review of the Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden, and spoke about Ponder – Yin & Yang:


Here’s the Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden video by Exhibit-v
You can see my work at 9:15 (at the nine minutes and 15 seconds mark).

Mary and Moses Sculpture Garden show, Curated by Christine Clark, presented sculpture by the following artists:

Christine Clark, Debora Alanna, Elyse Portal, John Luna
Marlene Jess, Michael Jess, Todd Lambeth, Troi Donnelly
Tyler Hodgins, Sarah Stein, Wendy Welch.