Memory is misplaced when dreams supplant

by Debora Alanna

Cotton paper, found objects, watercolour, charcoal, glue – various sizes

April 2013

Working on something out of my comfort zone. Something not requiring ‘skill’. It is about memory, impression, suppression, depiction, portrayal of the relationships between or amongst dissimilar materials, which translates into human interaction and within human processing. Retaining, recalling, storing and the outcome of holding on to memory, how that impacts, requires reinforcement, no matter how awkward the memory is, how much it changes and distorts, or is changed and is distorted. That the work is not a beauteous thing is the lasting impression of memory’s tangle between rational thought and feelings – past and present. The first of the pics of those lovely materials, with stunning colours, will find that impression mutated. This is a beginning of a new investigation for me. You will see a couple of pics of work in progress, and 5 finished works in this video.

There is a point in one’s work practice (in life too), when all the stalls, holds, waiting and seeing, distance and observations for glimpses of nuance to direct and ascertain lose their importance. That is the threshold where no thought or feeling exists – no past or future, only the present – you and the materials, the work. At least, this is for me. It is all or nothing, and I cannot stop till it is done. Maybe there is fear in sustaining this presence, because once it embodies me, I don’t care much about anything except work. Or exhaustion pervades, and then I have to start over again the next day. Days become short, nights hardly exist, and the consummating triste leaves little difference between me and what I do.

~ Debora Alanna