Digital Investigations: Differential Space & other digital investigations

 Debora Alanna

Digital Investigations: Differential Space

Group show curated by Petra Watson

Simon Fraser University Gallery & Teck Gallery – Simon Fraser Harbourfront.

Debora Alanna - Digital Investigations: Differential Space

Debora Alanna’s work was shown at the Teck Gallery SFU.

Debora Alanna (then Debora K-M) produced a digital response to the curatorial premise.

This work was a collaborative effort:

  • Sculpture was made from sea stones in Monterey, California.
  • Digitization of work (3D laser scan) was made at Cyberware, in Monterey.
  • Wireframe image was produced at the Vancouver Film School.
Also in 1995, a segment of 3 Forms was digitized with a laser 3D scanner.
This work was then printed as a wireframe, and had the capacity for further processing into stereolithography
3 Forms - digital scan

NextEngine Scanner in Debora Alanna’s studio

Scanning with Next Engine Scanner

O pen Trajectory being prepared for scan

Scanning of Open Trajectory - Dot creation


Scanning of Open Trajectory

Scanning of Open Trajectory