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Hybrid: Lava & Light

Debora Alanna ~ Hybrid: Lava & Light – Indiegogo

Pre residency thoughts #1

Just over a week ago, a week yesterday, funding contributions through the crowd funding platform Indiegogo allowed me to facilitate my confirmed art residency at the Akureyri Artists Studio & exhibition at the Populus Tremula Gallery, also in Akureyri for June of this year.

Thank you so much to all the people that contributed to my Hybrid: Lava & Light campaign on Indiegogo. Your kind and generous moral support (your encouraging words gave me hope and will sustain me through this adventure), your sharing (over 200!) & with your funds (16!).

Additional, gracious help with air miles donations, and welcome transport assistance to and from Akureyri donations means I will be able to attend my art residency & exhibition in Akureyri Iceland in June. Please view my website for updates!

Special thanks to those that supported me financially:

1. Anonymous
2. Jane Hsiaoching Wang
2. Richard Streitmatter-Tran
3. Susan Pyne
4. Susan Pyne
6. Anonymous
7. Anonymous
8. Candace Forbes
9. Bruce Esplin
10. Jillian Player
11. James K-M
12. Kaethe Sabr
13. Christopher de Vries
14. Nancy Masson
15. Roy Green
16. Anonymous
17. Gaetano di Gregorio

With gratitude, Debora Alanna

I will be posting thoughts about this opportunity for through this month to the next, and probably after (May-June-July 2013) to record what I am thinking and doing. In the meantime…

To learn more about these opportunities here are the links:
Akureyri Artists Studios